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Live the meaningful experience of joining our Women's Circle 

What is Women's Circle about?

Women’s Circles have been practiced for centuries around the world and serve as a way for us as women to connect with each other, honor our experiences in a safe and loving container, and create community and sisterhood.

History of Women's Circle

Sacred circles are a tradition as old as time. Our ancestors gathered in circles to sing, dance, celebrate, share stories, and anchor in community. Women gathered based on the cycles of the moon and their own menstruation to honor the sacredness of their feminine essence, connect with Mother Earth, and celebrate sisterhood.

These circles were considered extremely powerful and healing because it was widely known and accepted that when women gathered together to connect with the divine through ritual and intention, any problem could be solved. With the rise of the patriarchy, women were persecuted for participating in circles and they were eventually outlawed.

Fast forward to today and we are undergoing a mass awakening on the planet. Many of us are waking up and remembering our divine essence. We are reconnecting to Source, yearning for for a more authentic and meaningful life, and craving community and sisterhood.

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What Can I expect from a Women's Circle?

  • Guided journal activity centered around a particular theme.

  • Sacred circle sharing where we’ll share stories of personal stories, challenges, and triumphs in a supportive and non-judgmental space where you can be seen and heard.

  • Emotional release and clearing though energy and sound healing.

  • Sacred Cacao Ritual to connect heart and mind

  • Guided Meditation

  • How Can I participate in a Women's Club?

    To join an upcoming Women’s Circle in Los Angeles or San Diego, check out the Upcoming Trainings and Events by clicking below.

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